About IPS

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Aegon UK Limited

The owner of Cofunds Limited and IPS. You'll see all IPS correspondence and literature branded with the Aegon logo.

Cofunds Limited

Cofunds runs the technology behind the IPS service. Cofunds provides the product know-how and is also the plan manager for any ISA(s). Cofunds Limited is legally owned by Aegon UK Limited.


The service that looks after the day to day administration of your investments. IPS is legally owned by Cofunds Limited. 

Our Investor Portfolio Service (IPS) is an investment service that aims to make investing with us as easy as possible by offering you a choice of investments products, as well as support.

With IPS you can manage your Portfolio Investments (stocks and shares ISAs, OEICs and unit trusts) in one convenient place.

Also, whilst investing with us you’ll have access to a UK based Customer Services Team and the option of a secure online service if you prefer a more hands on approach to managing your portfolio.

If you have a question about the service or if you’re having a problem accessing your account, please contact us.

For more information on IPS, the products and funds we have available or the support we provide please follow the links below:

Benefits of our secure online service.

It’s reassuring when you can see where your money is and how it's doing. That’s why we offer you our free online service. Registration is easy.

IPS investment products and funds.

With IPS you can manage all your Portfolio Investments in one convenient place. Our products give you access to an extensive choice of funds from a wide range of fund managers.

IPS Cash Account.

A key aim of IPS is to make managing investments easier for our customers. That’s why we’ve designed the IPS Cash Account to give you greater control and flexibility while investing with us.

Re-registration service for Portfolio Investments.

If you like the consolidated view of your Portfolio Investments that IPS offers, you may wish to transfer the administration (re-registration) of any stocks and shares ISAs, unit trusts or OEICs you have with other providers to us - and see your complete portfolio of investments in one place.

Our IPS Mobile App.

With what can seem like a million and one things to do on a daily basis, keeping track of your investments can be tricky. We've developed a free App to help make it easier.

Contact us.

We know that there are occasions when you might want support. We offer you a dedicated telephone helpdesk for general online and account queries.