IPS Investment Products and Funds.


IPS gives you one, convenient service through which you can manage your Portfolio Investments (stocks and shares ISAs, OEICs and unit trusts), as well as any existing Portfolio Bond and Portfolio Plus Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) investments you may have. Our products give you access to carefully selected funds from a wide range of fund managers.

Find out more about our portfolio investments fund range.

Find out more about managing existing Portfolio Bonds through IPS.

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We provide you with a carefully selected panel of funds to support you as much as possible when choosing the funds you want to invest in. These funds are researched and continually monitored by the professionals in our Investment Management Research Unit (IMRU).

Find out more about the funds we offer on our specially selected panel in the Funds A-Z for each of the products listed above.

As with all stock market related funds, their performance will fluctuate, and if a fund ever stops meeting IMRU’s strict criteria, they will remove the fund from the panel.

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