Re-registration service for portfolio investments.

If you hold stocks and shares ISAs, OEICs or unit trusts (we call this group of investments ‘Portfolio Investments’) with other providers you can simplify the management of your portfolio by moving the administration of these investments to IPS. When you do this all your funds will remain invested with the original fund manager but you'll be able to see all your Portfolio Investments in one convenient place.

The benefits of re-registering your investments with IPS.

Re-registration is all about simplifying the management of your investments. By re-registering your investments with IPS you will benefit from the ability to:

  • View the value of your entire portfolio in one place, at anytime with our online service.
  • Consider your portfolio as a whole when making investment decisions about your long-term goals.
  • Quickly and easily switch money between your funds.
  • Have just one point of contact if you have a query about your portfolio.
  • Receive just one statement with the details of all your investments in it.
  • Use our online service to keep track of your investments anytime, anywhere.
  • Handle your tax affairs more easily - all the tax information you need about your investments is on one consolidated tax voucher.
  • Stay invested the whole time that the transfer takes place, as it’s only the administration of your funds that moves.

Please note, the tax efficient status of your ISA investments won’t be affected. In addition, whilst you can transfer the administration of your funds to us for free your existing manager may charge you for their part in the transfer.

For customers not receiving ongoing financial advice

  • Please note, the re-registration information and literature on this page is for customers who have chosen not to pay a financial adviser for ongoing financial advice.
  • If you’ve agreed to pay adviser charges on your investments and you use the literature on this page you’ll set up a separate IPS account for your re-registered funds. 
  • This means you’ll have one account with IPS holdings you receive advice on and one account with holdings you’ve transferred to IPS. If you then want advice on the transferred funds you should speak to your adviser.
  • If you don’t currently pay adviser charges, any funds you transfer using the forms on this page will be transferred into your existing IPS account.
  • For further information please contact your financial adviser or contact us .

Important information

  • When you re-register your funds to IPS, it’s important to remember that your investment remains invested with the original fund manager.
  • You no longer deal with the adviser or provider with whom you first invested, as these funds are now administered by IPS. Please note, any special terms agreed with the original adviser you made the investment with will not be transferred to IPS when the fund is re-registered and standard IPS terms and conditions will apply.
  • If the fund you are re-registering with us is a commission-included fund we will automatically convert it to the commission-free fund equivalent when you move it to IPS. If we don't hold a commission-free equivalent version of the fund you hold we won't be able to accept your re-registration request.