CBI urges Coalition to think big.

19 November 2012

CBI director general John Cridland has called for an "industrial Olympics"
CBI director general John Cridland has called for an "industrial Olympics"

An "industrial Olympics" is being called for by a key business group, as the Government is urged to think big in speeding the economy away from danger.

The director general of the CBI, John Cridland, said job creation and a boost in investment to aid the economy could be focused on through the promotion of construction and other "shovel ready" schemes.

The CBI is calling for a £1.5 billion package of measures to be agreed by the Coalition.

In speaking to the Press Association, Mr Cridland stated that the Government underspent by £7.8 billion last year.

He urged the Coalition to stick to its Plan A for the economy, including cutting back on public spending, and said there are a number of measures that should be taken in order to encourage economic growth.

"We need an industrial Olympics, with big schemes which can make a real difference," said Mr Cridland.

He pressed the case for rail and road improvements to be made, and claimed construction job creation and improvements in traffic flow would result from hundreds of millions of pounds of repair and maintenance programmes.

The Chancellor's Autumn Statement is due on December 5.

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