About the service.

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What is Investor Portfolio Service (IPS)?

IPS gives you a wide range of benefits:

  • A single online account view of your investments across a range of investment products.
  • Access to a range of funds from a selection of the UK's leading fund managers.
  • The ability to buy stocks and shares ISAs and/or investment funds, as well as switch between funds quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Annual consolidated statement sent to you showing all of your IPS investments together.
  • A streamlined application process resulting in considerably less paperwork.
Is the online service free to use?

Yes, the online service is provided at no additional cost to you. However, please remember that you may incur costs for accessing the internet according to your internet service provider’s tariff.

How secure are my details online?

We take security very seriously and we follow strict and proven procedures when providing access to the website ensuring your log in details are kept safe.

You can be sure your details are being protected when you log into our ‘secure’ connection, as your web browser should show a yellow padlock (usually at the bottom right hand corner of the web browser, but this can vary depending on the web browser you use). To find out further details of the protection provided you can click on this padlock symbol.

What is a portfolio 'valuation'?

The valuation feature provides you with a consolidated value of your portfolio of investments held on IPS. It also breaks down your portfolio into fund-by-fund valuations for your individual product holdings. Your portfolio valuation is updated at the close of each working day and is supplied with a print-friendly option for you.

What is 'transaction history'?

The transaction history feature enables you to view the transactions for each holding you have on IPS. The transaction history records the date of a transaction, the type of transaction (such as buying new funds), the price, units or shares affected by the transactions and any charges that have been applied. Transactions usually appear on the website several working days after they have been confirmed and processed, depending on the type of transaction and product.

What correspondence can I see?

The 'My Correspondence' page holds print-friendly copies of most of your IPS correspondence, including confirmation of policy set up, your annual statement, and transaction notes.

What terms and conditions apply to the use of this service?

The  IPS non-advised Terms and Conditions (PDF: 332KB)   relate to use of the online service only. Product terms and conditions are included in the relevant product literature.