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What should I do if my email address or personal details change?

If your name or address changes please write to us at the address shown on our contact us page. If your name has changed you will need to provide documentary evidence of this change.

If you've changed the email address you use for your online account, please make sure that you update your account details.

Who do I contact for more information and help?

Please contact us for any query you may have about the service. For specific questions about signing up to the service and logging in, please see the sign up and log in FAQ page.

I haven't got an adviser. Who shall I call if I need advice?
If you haven't go a financial adviser, you can find one at
How can I contact you if I have impaired hearing?

If you have impaired hearing you now have two ways of contacting us. You can continue using the talk/ type service, and can now also use a registered interpreter who can speak to us on your behalf.

This service will enable you to communicate through a registered interpreter from the National Registers of Communication Professionals or the Association of Sign Language Interpreters.

If you'd like to use the interpreted calls service please complete the  Registered Interpreter Authorisation Form (PDF: 57KB)   and either post it to us or send a scanned copy on email. You can find our postal address and email address on our contact us page.

Please allow five working days for us to update our records.