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First-time buyers will need £21,000 for a 15% deposit on a typical entry-level home

First-time buyers 'may need £23,000 to get on the ladder'

New home buyers in England and Wales could need over £23,000 in cash to put down as a deposit and cover the costs of moving, new data suggests.

24 February 2017

Re-mortgage levels grew by 15.7% in January

Re-mortgage deals up 16% amid low interest rates

Re-mortgages are experiencing a surge in uptake prompted by record-low interest rates, a financial industry group has said.

24 February 2017

Some 30% of over-40s say their retirement saving is not on track

Many over-40s 'may ask children for retirement cash'

One in six parents may need to ask their children for financial assistance to fund their retirement, a new survey's results suggest.

23 February 2017

Minouche Shafik is leaving the Bank of England

Economists 'must embrace uncertainty' following shocks

An outgoing official at the Bank of England is calling on economists to embrace "uncertainty" to regain public trust.

23 February 2017

Around 72,000 women are missing out on auto-enrolment

Job-jugglers 'missing out on auto-enrolment'

More than 100,000 employees who juggle multiple jobs are likely to be missing out on auto-enrolled pension schemes, new research shows.

22 February 2017

Mark Carney says the Bank of England does not have the perfect model of the British household

BoE 'may not be able to forecast next financial crisis'

Britain's central bank will probably not predict the next economic crisis, some of its key employees are warning.

22 February 2017

Grandparents are saving families around £16.1 billion

Grandparents 'saving families billions in childcare'

Grandparents are collectively saving parents more than £16 billion a year in savings on childcare, a report has found.

21 February 2017

The figures give the Chancellor a boost ahead of the Spring Budget

January surplus at 17-year high

The UK's public finances have recorded their highest surplus in 17 years for January, according to official figures.

21 February 2017

Ed Kamm at First Utility says the Government should take action

PM urged to reform energy sector to help struggling families

Prime Minister Theresa May is being urged to tackle soaring energy prices as part of radical reforms to the UK energy sector.

20 February 2017

75% of estate agents say local buyers are "price sensitive"

House sellers warned over 'punchy pricing'

Over-priced properties stand out as poor value and risk putting buyers off, a new report has said.

20 February 2017